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Making A Difference

How are Augustana Care donors like you making a difference in the lives of those we serve?

  • Gifts to our annual fund help provide all the basic services we offer, plus services that add joy and vigor to everyday life.
  • Designated gifts can support special programs at Augustana Care such as staff education, support groups and more.
  • Gifts designated to spiritual care help Augustana Care provide unconditional spiritual support to more people of all faiths and traditions.
  • Donations for capital projects enable Augustana Care to improve our current locations and develop new campuses for underserved or low-income communities.
  • Planned gifts enable Augustana Care to better address the ever-changing needs of our community while helping others in the future.
  • Gifts to endowment funds—including the Augustana Care and spiritual care endowments and the Johnson-Kaplan endowment which created a scholarship fund—help fund scholarships, programs and services. Once your gift is received, a portion of the investment return will be used annually and the difference will continue to be invested to provide future income.

Join those who support Augustana Care and help older generations thrive.

By giving to Augustana Care I’m giving to the overall health of the community. Augustana Care can use our contributions to provide services that benefit all of us for many years to come.

— Jeanne Dahlgren, family member