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Did You Notice Anything Different When Visiting Over the Holidays?

December 29, 2017

iStock_000009254267Large_541x720_72_RGB.jpgThis is the time of year when we typically receive phone calls from people who have just seen their parents or grandparents over the holidays and are now worried about them managing daily living on their own. The holidays offer many opportunities for family time and for some it may be the only time of the year to be with relatives. Many older loved ones may be exactly the same as the last time you visited, but others may seem more fatigued or unsteady on their feet than they used to. Still others may be experiencing depression, especially if they are going through health issues or have lost a spouse or good friend.

It is hard for anyone to grasp or admit that your parents are growing older and need more care and assistance than in previous years. There is a certain amount of guilt also. You may not be able to visit as often as you’d like or the struggles of managing a career as well as caring for your own family is too much and caring for parents in addition to that may be overwhelming. At Augustana Care, we often hear comments such as: 

  • My aunt seems much frailer than the last time I saw her, I’m concerned she may fall.
  • Mom doesn’t seem to be able to keep the house picked up any longer and it’s getting out of hand.
  • Dad could hardly hear and I had to keep repeating myself.
  • Grandma has lost so much weight, I’m growing concerned about her.

Other red flags you may have noticed while spending time with your family over the holidays is that your loved one’s home is more cluttered or the house and furniture may have fallen into disrepair. Was there expired food in the refrigerator, or very little food at all? Did you see a stack of unopened mail and unpaid bills? These are all signs that a loved one needs more help with daily living. Don’t worry, there are solutions available that will satisfy you and your loved one’s needs!

The solution may be something simple, such as a walker for your aunt or hearing aids for your dad. Or assisted living, designed to help with simple lifestyle changes like these and more, may be a good fit. Services available at Augustana Care include helping older adults with managing medications and cooking meals which may help with your grandmother’s weight loss, and daily tasks such as showering, dressing and housekeeping which will give you and your mom more peace of mind. Assisted living is an excellent choice for older adults and others who need some help with daily living activities but do not need skilled nursing care.

Augustana Care offers care consultations through our Augustana Care Open Circle Support Services. Care Consultation helps caregivers gain knowledge, skills and tools tailored to each individual’s situation. Augustana Care also offers a variety of services that can help meet the changing needs of those we serve. We increase people’s abilities to live independently through day services and home modifications; offer on-site clinics and educational presentations to enhance health and wellness; provide spiritual care to all faiths and traditions; and help residents find connections with others through volunteering and social activities. We also offer a range of housing options, including independent and assisted living, as well as memory care and respite care. To learn how Augustana Care can help you and your aging loved one, contact us today.