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Grant Brings Renowned Expert’s Positive Approach to Care to Those with Dementia at Adult Day Centers

June 12, 2019

The GEMS model is part of the Positive Approach to Care Skills created by dementia expert Teepa Snow. The model shows that just as gemstones need different settings and care to shine, so do people.

When a loved one experiences dementia, caregivers often struggle with how to deal with the disease. The Positive Approach to Care Skills (PACS) was devised by renowned dementia expert and educator Teepa Snow.

This year, Cassia’s adult day services staff will receive training for coaches and caregiving employees to apply Teepa Snow’s approach to direct care. Funding is provided by the Minnesota Department of Human Services’ Home and Community-Based Services Program, which awarded more than $49,000 to Cassia’s adult day centers.

The program will be introduced to adult day services in 2019 and 2020, training staff to address common brain changes and assist people at various cognitive levels. Participants will also learn how to offer consistent, positive reinforcement and proactive interventions to promote wellbeing and reduce stressful challenges.

PACS uses the GEMS® model, which shows that just as gemstones need different settings and care to shine, so do people. The GEMS® model also highlights the functional abilities of those living with dementia and identifies supportive responses that match these abilities.

To learn more, please contact Corporate Director of Adult Day Services Gail Skoglund at or 612-843-4940.