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Paying Tribute to the Special People Who Raised You

May 29, 2018

Ginny_Beth_Jenna_-_Smaller.jpgDuring the months of May and June we are honoring the special people who raised us. Whether that be a mother, a father, grandparents or another special person, we are running special contests and would love to see photos of those who are special to you. Visit our Facebook page to see some of the entries so far! Take a moment to enter our upcoming contest by submitting a photo of your special father-figure and telling us about him.

Here at Augustana Care we have several special relationships within our communities. Some of our employees are lucky enough to have a parent or grandparent living at an Augustana Care community and can see their loved one every day! This story comes from one such employee, Jenna Klee, Director of Therapeutic Programs, Augustana Care Hastings Health and Rehabilitation, who’s grandmother lives at our Hastings campus and mother is a dedicated volunteer there. 

My grandmother, Virginia, came to live at Augustana Care Hastings Health and Rehabilitation in the fall of 2014. I have been lucky enough to work in the same facility, in the activities department, so I get to see her every day. My grandmother is in the late stages of dementia and is no longer able to use words to express herself. This doesn’t stop her from showing how happy she is to see us because her face lights up when she sees a family member, volunteer, or staff member that she knows, and she gets the biggest smile on her face. Another special connection in our building, is that Virginia’s daughter, Beth (who is my mother), is a frequent volunteer in the facility. She assists our residents with arranging flowers that are donated to us by our local CUB Foods store, leading a craft group with the residents, or just sitting and having coffee and reminiscing with residents. Often, Beth will have Virginia accompany her to volunteer events she is helping with. Though Virginia could not make the cards herself, she used to be an avid crafter as well, and Beth will show her mom every step of making the card, and what materials they are using, and Virginia watches intently. Beth will share stores that Virginia is no longer able to tell, like how she used to paint figurines, help her husband complete intricate woodworking projects, and would always have a craft to work on with her grandkids when they come to visit! She also will accompany Virginia to activities when she is able and loves to go to Virginia’s favorite – music activities! Virginia lights up when there is music. She sings along in her own way, will raise her arms and hum along. She gets a joyful look in her eye and a big smile that is infectious, and Beth loves to be right along with her! I feel so very blessed to have my family intertwined with the facility I work at, making Augustana Care Hastings Health and Rehabilitation seem even more like a second home to my Grandmother, my family, and myself.

At Augustana Care we are inspired daily by our residents and honored that our employees entrust us with the care of their loved ones. One employee said “how telling it is about the wonderful care we provide when an employee chooses to have their loved one live within our network of communities.” We can’t agree more with that testament!

Augustana Care provides a wide variety of services and programs, including spiritual care and occupational therapy, at our locations that respond to various needs, traditions and preferences of our residents and members. To learn how to grow and evolve with Augustana Care visit our website at or call 612-238-5101.