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Emerald Crest Worship Service Featured in "Star Tribune"

A new sensory worship service for people with Alzheimer’s and similar conditions, created at Emerald Crest by Augustana Care, was featured in the Star Tribune. Read more. View article »

Column by Theresa Klein of Emerald Crest in "Sun Sailor"

Cognitive Clinical Specialist Theresa Klein of Emerald Crest calls for an end to stereotypes about people who need memory care in her opinion piece in the Sun Sailor. Read more. View article »

Emerald Crest by Augustana Care’s sensory worship service featured in “The Atlantic”

Emerald Crest by Augustana Care designed a sensory worship service specifically for people with conditions that result in memory loss (like Alzheimer’s). While it’s not uncommon for people with cognit… View article »

It Takes a Village in a Crisis: Creating Solutions for Augustana Care Resident Dealing with Amputations

The day Sue Johnson was discharged from the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview was a momentous one—not least because she faced a long journey. Until 2013, Johnson lived in St. Paul and w… View article »

First-of-its-Kind Comprehensive Senior Living Campus Helps Low-Income Older Adults Thrive Without Leaving Home

In this video, Dave shares his thoughts on a gift provided by the Santa for Seniors Program. After suffering a stroke in 2009, Dave Copple’s life changed. He lived in a nursing home for a year and wo… View article »