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What Works Best for Older Adults? College Students Redesign Part of The Pines Assisted Living

How different will  a building tailored to older adults look than one for younger people? Students from Century College recently redesigned a care-suite at the Pines Senior and Assisted Living Communi… View article »

When Different Generations Mix, It Shows Us What True Community Looks Like

Begin with Rosemount preschoolers, middle school students, and high school students. Now add older adults from The Rosemount and mix well. The result? Fantastic birthday parties, songs, musical interl… View article »

Augustana Care Brings Four Exceptional Performing Arts Groups to Residents in N. Minneapolis and Hopkins

What is a proven way to reach people despite their abilities or communication skills? A growing body of evidence suggests that performing arts help develop key cognitive skills and promote social and … View article »

Alzheimers No Barrier to Creation: Theater Bypasses Memory with Unique Program at Augustana Open Circle

Cool cats, pet rats and a young man who is nervous about flying may seem a little disjointed—but put them all together and they make quite a story. That’s what older adults discovered recently at Augu… View article »

Resident’s Blind-Date Love Story Featured in Rosemount Town Pages

Jo Hawkins had no idea the man she met on a blind date in 1947 would go on to become her husband. Together, Jo and John Hawkins had 12 children, 49 grandchildren, and 45 great-grandchildren! While rai… View article »